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Czakó Garden & Market powered by Gerlóczy

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Simple Breakfast                                                                    990 Ft

Capuccino + croissant

Gerlóczy Sandwich Breakfast                                            2290 Ft 

Camambert-ham-tomato Sandwich in a Flute

+ 2 dl orange Juice

Wealthy Breakfast                                                                2990 Ft

Viennese sizzling sausage, cheese Omlette,

aged ham, 1/2 Flute rustical

If you want to experiance sunset with a glass of wine with your friends and family, visit Czakó Garden & Market just two bus stops (1500 m) from Gerlóczy in Tabán's oldest house (on Buda side).

You can enjoy the finest cakes that Budapest offers with foods to help soak up the alcohol.  


Pick a cake or tarte

with a choice of hot or cold drinks



1490 Ft



Every day from 18 / Sutarday - Sunday 12-23

Monday - Thursday 12-16

Pick & Mix


3 starters/soups - 3 main corses - 3 desserts

Two Courses 2390 Ft

Three Courses 2990 Ft

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  • applies for consumption in Czacko Gardens

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Our Fridays are about fish, offering you a different perspective on Pick & Mix Lunch and Daily Menu for dinner.

Every night for dinner and from Friday to Sunday for lunch you can also enjoy our Daily Menu recommended by our Chef.

From Monday to Thursday between 12pm and 4pm try our value for money Pick & Mix menu.

The room prices are based on the seasons and the availability. 

From 4pm to 6pm enjoy tea time with us!

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